Plush Penwortham

Stanton Andrews project in Leafy Penwortham

Plush Penwortham

Stanton Andrews have recently obtained approval for a significant extension to a property on one of the leafier streets in Penwortham.

A keen concern of the client was that the extension and remodelling of the house should be done sensitively so that the charm of the property that drew them to the house at the outset was not diluted by the changes.

This Edwardian style property lacked bedrooms, had a clumsy relationship with the garden, garage and access for vehicles and generally felt dated.

This has been resolved by introducing a split-level extension with an integral garage that bridged the different levels between the front and the rear of the house.  An exciting new feature is a vaulted kitchen/dining rear extension with a wraparound window seat with glass to glass corner over-looking the garden.

A common problem that can occur is the dichotomy between the crisp, new extension and the older, aged house.  This has been addressed by re-cladding the house with a modern render system that makes the join between the two phases seamless and invisible.


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