AJ Small Projects Shortlist

AJ Small project image

We are delighted to hear a member of our team has had his university project, The Northumberlandia Pavilion, nominated for the AJ Small Projects Award 2022.

Henry Cahill, is an Architectural Assistant at Stanton Andrews Architects, having recently completed his Part II studies at Newcastle University.

The group of students designed with a focus on ease of construction, repair and sustainability. The structure can be broken down into sectional modules making it very easy to transport and assemble – and repair.

The pavilion, gently curves in a way that provides both seating and shelter for visitors to the Northumberlandia Wildlife Park.

It is made using an external-grade plywood which meant that pieces could be produced using a flatbed CNC Router.

We think it should win! What do you think?

Closing date 6 April 2022  – if you would like to vote … here is the link