Stanton Andrews’ alternative vision for Clitheroe Market

Clitheroe Market visual - Street View Render

Stanton Andrews has put forward a plan for a re-imagined Clitheroe town centre with the market at its heart by presenting a gamut of designs.

The market area is currently distant, under-utilised and remote from the main shopping areas.

Keen for people to see what can be achieved, Clitheroe council chiefs have agreed to bid for a slice of a £675 million fund to rejuvenate Clitheroe town centre. Stanton Andrews hopes its alternative vision will help spark public interest and debate.

Stanton Andrews undertook the design exercise to show how the market might be developed with improved connectivity and a wider remit, in order to address the challenges facing Clitheroe.

Charles, our director, said: “It’s about looking at the redevelopment with a more holistic perspective, and applying some original rethinking. Our understanding is that if we provide the right spaces, more people and businesses will come to the town.”

Stanton Andrews’ plans include an outdoor and indoor market with 60 single storey stalls, a community hall with retail units below on the current Clitheroe Market site, plus 3,500 square metres of space set aside for retail outlets.

Charles added: “We appreciate the unique character of our town and as with the Holmes Mill renovation, we would design the new shopping area to ensure the charm of the town is not lost.

“There is an opportunity for some state funding to help revitalise town centres. High Streets nationwide are suffering with decline and we are keen to keep Clitheroe vibrant and offer a better shopping experience.”

Prepared from the original article published in the Clitheroe Advertiser and Times Wednesday February 6, 2019.

Clitheroe Market visual - Open Market
Clitheroe Market visual - Court view
Clitheroe Market visual - Boost chemist
Clitheroe Market visual - Square Site Diagram