House Design

House Design

Which one would you choose?

We offer you three different concepts, one house – three different house designs.

Here are the options prepared for a home near Bolton. We gave the client three distinct options to choose from, ranging from traditional to modern. Our designs took note of neighbouring buildings and the site’s long views over countryside, so option 1 and 3 moved the living accommodation to the top of the house.

Which one do you think was the one our client chose? See bottom of page for the answer.

Stanton Andrews House Design No 1
Stanton Andrews House Design No 2
Stanton Andrews house design option 3

How we work

Stanton Andrews offers a full design and project management service from inception to completion, to ensure that the project meets your expectations. We can also tailor our involvement in the project to suit your requirements and budget constraints.

Our first step is an introductory informal meeting, free of charge, to talk through your desires, aspirations and budget. We believe the best design projects result from a good understanding between client and architect.

We’d prefer to come and see you, if that’s OK. It enables us to understand what you are trying to achieve and why. It also allows us to get under the skin of your project. This meeting also gives you a chance to pick our brains on matters such as planning, regulations procurement, materials and architectural design.

The next step is to fully appraise the site and existing buildings, and this information feeds into a feasibility exercise.

Finally, we can start to design a selection of options for discussion using all technical and gathered information.

When you are ready to see your dream home ideas become a reality, contact Stanton Andrews Architects and we will make it happen.


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Option 1 was chosen and is nearly built.