Your ideal home: should I stay or should I go now?

Your Ideal Home

When it comes to planning your next move, in some circumstances your considerations may be split between building a new house, adapting your existing home or buying a house and renovating it.

As family circumstances, work patterns and leisure activities change, your home environment needs to respond to these fluctuations otherwise surroundings that once suited you may become outdated and consequently not fulfilling you and your family’s changing needs.

At these times it’s often best to take a step back, determine exactly what you want and review what you’ve already got. You might find the solution is to move house, alternatively a reappraisal and possible extension of your existing home may be the answer.

Building your own house, tailored to individual desires, or altering your existing house to your aspirations can be a rewarding experience but there a few things you should consider. Take a look at our summary below to determine the best move for you.

The Home Plan

Allocate time for ideas

Make sure you allocate suitable time to fully and carefully consider the options and possibilities for your new home. We can help you develop ideas and offer options you may not have considered. Stanton Andrews uses computer modelling to present proposals to help you understand and visualise how your design project will look and how spaces work in three dimensions.

Understanding planning constraints

Although you may have vast creative design ideas for a new home it is most likely that your new home or modifications will require planning approval from the local authority. We can advise on planning requirements and possible constraints and help minimise the compromises to your original designs and ideas.

Planning approval also confirms that the works are built with suitable structural and environmental considerations. We can prepare suitable drawings and documentation to satisfy this requirement that can also be used by the appointed contractor.

Create a working relationship

Choosing the right contractor is very important. We can propose suitable contractors, manage obtaining competitive quotations and advise on the contract. Don’t forget price isn’t everything, quality of workmanship and personalities can make or break a project.

Opting for an extension to your home

If you find that an extension to your home is the best solution, give some careful thought as to how to this will change the way you live.

Extensions not only provide additional space, they also change your behaviour and use of the original house. A well-considered extension should take account of orientation, natural light, views, and relationship with the garden and neighbouring properties. There is little point adding a sunroom or orangery where there is little chance of sunlight.

Extensions that are properly planned, designed and well executed will not only add to your home but will hopefully also increase its value. Conversely, ill-conceived extensions are never desirable and can comprise and devalue your existing property.

Stanton Andrews can assist in the process of reconsidering the layout and design of your home. From an architectural perspective, Stanton Andrews can offer a considered opinion, bring a ‘trained eye’ to the problem and offer ideas you may not have considered.

When planning your next move, Stanton Andrews’ involvement in the project will be determined by you (and your budget). Our service and support can vary from a couple of hours consultation through to producing fully detailed drawings and working with the contractor throughout the project to completion.