The Difference an Architect Makes

Choosing the right Architect for your project, whether it’s a minor alteration to your home, or a new build house, can be the difference between something ordinary and something exceptional.

At Stanton Andrews Architects, we strongly believe that time spent at the design stage is critical to the outcome. We spend time to explore and present different options with our clients to help them fully understand not only what they’d like but also what is possible!

We use cutting edge 3D computer modelling technology to help illustrate and display our ideas so our clients really understand what they are getting.


The illustrations show two design options  for the same house. Which one would you choose?

At every stage the service provided was exemplary and we would have no hesitation in recommending Stanton Andrews.

If you are interested in designing your next project and helping to turn your ideas into a reality then contact Stanton Andrews Architects. We would be happy to arrange free consultation to talk you through the process.

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