Bolton House

This client originally came to us about to talk about their kitchen, but after talking over options it became clear that more fundamental changes were needed to take place to address the poor flow of the space. This holistic approach ensured that the house and kitchen worked together.

The ground floor accommodation was re-ordered and extended to create a music room, large kitchen, dining area and study. Full height sliding glazed screens encouraged the flow from the house to the terrace and the garden, at the same time maximising views across open fields to the south. The extension is clad in brickwork, lead and stone responding to the original house but detailed in a contemporary manner.

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We feel a house should work and be enjoyed throughout the year, this comes from an understanding of the use of space within the property as seasons change. Helping to form a connection between house and garden can be managed in a number of ways: using French windows, large sliding doors or panoramic windows. It is also critical to ensure that this connection is best for those living with the property.