Preparing plans for a housing scheme in the Wyre

Stanton Andrews designed and prepared the housing scheme plans for a commercial plant nursery facing closure in Little Eccleston. The proposed plans ensured protection of the pond and waterlife located on the property.

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After many years of trying to keep a commercial plant nursery in operation, the owners of this property were eventually faced with the unenviable prospect of either investing significant sums into the business or facing closure. They opted to develop the site for housing.

Stanton Andrews’ role in this project was to design and prepare a housing scheme and to work closely with the landowners, local authority and planning consultants to develop a scheme that also retained the pond on the site and to create a housing layout that was sensitive to the pond’s location.

When the Outline Approval was granted for 35 dwellings, the site was sold to a developer and Stanton Andrews concluded its role in the project.