A vision reminiscent of the industrial age

Stanton Andrews’ proposals and development plans for the George Street Mill in Burnley demonstrates its capacity to sympathetically visualise, create and plan large scale mixed-use development schemes.

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The George Street Mill site is located in the conservation area of the Weaver’s Triangle in Burnley, on the town centre side of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

Burnley Borough Council’s vision for the site was to create “a dynamic mixed-use area capitalising on the area’s unique heritage but including the best of contemporary design that plays a full role in accelerating the renaissance of the town centre”

Stanton Andrews’ design proposal aimed to reinstate connections and encourage mixed-use in which a community could grow, with commercial and residential development encompassing a series of courts offering varying levels of intimacy and privacy.

The existing stone-faced retaining walls run the length of the landscaped heart, and it was envisaged that restaurants and bars would add to the vibrancy of the area creating a business, civic and cultural quarter.

The original mill buildings in the Weaver’s Triangle have a civic grandeur and our design proposals made careful consideration of these historic features. Our proposal envisaged buildings composed using materials reminiscent of the industrial age and mimicking the block-like mill buildings by using heavy masonry and punched window openings in the proposed buildings. Commercial units were designed to look to the windowed weaving sheds with slender columns supporting lightweight roof structures.

Stone walls are used throughout the designs to keep the character of this unique area. The stone frontage onto the canal was to be preserved and the stone wall retained with staggered accesses to the canal. Due to the deterioration of several buildings behind this frontage, a new built area was designed to replace buildings that could not be salvaged.

This masterplan design is a classic example of Stanton Andrews’ capacity to sympathetically visualise, create and plan large scale mixed-use development schemes.